Don’t Toss Your Cookies After Eating Browines

Well, this one is a narrative which I thought of sharing, a pretty engrossing one indeed and I vouch for that.We were on our second trip to Amsterdam. When we went for the first time, it was just the two of us and since we’d fallen in love with Amsterdam we had to visit the place again. However, for the second time we somehow persuaded our pals to accompany us.


This happened in the 3rd month of 2015. Since the flights were really expensive so we took a connecting flight from Frankfurt and reached Amsterdam in about 4 hours.

Everything  was happening as per the plan. Two days were spent exploring the city. We showed them the places we had visited previously and made them  try everything what Amsterdam is famous for.


And then came the third day (which we will never forget). Four of us had breakfast together and the next thing I remember is that we were sitting in a cafe trying famous hash brownies of Holland, chewing the fat, telling epic experiences and waiting for two of our friends who live in Amsterdam to join us.


   And suddenly I saw a friend of mine turning pale and sweaty. We didn’t pay attention and thought he was acting & joking around. After a couple of minutes I realized it wasn’t really funny at all. So we were trying to make him feel at ease. (Not to forget here that none of us were in the normal state of mind). And suddenly he got up and started to hurl all over the place (probably the only person in this world to toss his cookie after eating brownies ) and I couldn’t make out whether it was happening for real or was it a scene from some movie (a psychedelic / funny one).  I guess none of us could actually believe what happened. We were in a dilemma. We had to wipe up the place coz the owner was kinda cocky.


But that was an unforgettable / hilarious incident and sometimes we still pull his leg for what happened in Amsterdam. So what we learnt from the experience is that:


-Travel Nerd Story-

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