Who are Travel Nerd?

Travel Nerd is a sobriquet representing a girl (Shailja) who was a lawyer by profession but now she’s traveling the world, writing travel blogs and clicking some awesome pictures, 😉 (Dreams come true people) and a nerd (Arvind) pursuing Ph.D. and learning how to click decent pictures ;). We’re a couple in our late 20’s; born and raised in the city of Hills, Shimla (India). We exchanged our vows during the spring of 2014 and then moved to the land of fjords, Norway. Both of us share the same philosophy that “We can’t stop the ticking clock, but we can create moments which can be relived forever“. Thus, to create these eternal moments and to share it with fellow beings is the aim of “Travel Nerd”.


Up till now, together we have traveled to 28 countries and we plan to travel much more in the future. We make a point to travel every month and we somehow manage to do so. Many people wonder that how we travel so frequently. Believe me, it’s not a rocket science,  our simple principle is “cut down the spendings on frivolous activities, in order to spend on momentous deeds, which for us is traveling”.

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We usually do budget traveling, but every once in a while don’t mind some luxury as well. Since, we are backpackers, so we don’t carry much stuff while traveling. Few clothes, toiletries, laptop and our cameras (Nikon D3100 & GoPro4) are our travel buddies.

We don’t follow any particular style of writing blogs or taking pictures. We just do what we love and we do it with our whole heart and dedication. The content writing is done by Shailja and pictures are clicked by both of us and our tripod sometimes. 😉

So far our pictures have been published by:

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 Recently our Instagram page was on number 5 in Cosmopolitan India magazine. ->Check here.

We have also collaborated with “Must visit maps” Check here.

We hope you enjoy our travel blog/pictures and if you have any tips or queries let us know here-> Contact us.

Cheers:) TNS Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.35.55 PM Shailja & Arvind